Grey, 19-3/4"L x 12-1/2"W x 6"H, Fiberglass Reinforced Stack and Nest Container

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Ak-West Inc. fiberglass reinforced nest and stack containers are highly functional material handling products that bring exceptional performance and value to operations where strength, ease of use, dimensional stability and solid stacking capabilities are important criteria. Ak-West Inc. nest and stack containers stack when full and, with a simple 180-degree turn, nest when empty. They are frequently used to handle hot castings or rubber parts coming directly from molds, as well as parts that are subjected to cryogenic treatments after molding. Ak-West Inc. fiberglass reinforced nest and stack containers feature a smooth outside surface and radial edges for safe, easy handling, and are available with an optional wire-reinforced rim for added strength. Optional lids are available with each 780 Series model to protect contents from damage or contamination, and containers may be stacked when lids are applied. Optional dollies are also offered to simplify transport throughout the work facility. Fiberglass reinforced nest and stack containers will not bend or sag under loads and, unlike metal, will not dent or corrode. Depending on size, an individual container can accommodate a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds. They are ideal for machine integration and robotic applications, and can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to 250 degrees F (-51 degrees to 121 degrees C) and intermittently in temperatures 300 degrees F and higher. Glass-reinforced thermosets increase in impact strength as temperatures decrease, and Ak-West Inc. fiberglass reinforced products have performed well in temperatures as low as -190 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard formulations are impervious to radiation, cutting oils, greases, solvents, detergents, mild acids and alkaline solutions within a pH rating of 3.0 - 10.0. Features: - Nest and stack design saves valuable space; stack when full, rotate 180 degrees and nest when empty - Lids are available to protect contents - Optional dollies simplify transportation - Impervious to cutting oils, detergents, mild acids and alkaline solutions - High operating temp range of -60 degrees to 250 degrees F - High weight capacity