Red, Lid For 35300 (3 Per Carton)
Red, Lid For 35300 (3 Per Carton)


Red, Lid For 35300 (3 Per Carton)

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Min order: 3 | Carton Quantity: 3


Nest and Stack Totes (NSTs) are the ideal solution for storage, work-in-process, transfer and shipping applications. NSTs stack with or without optional lids and nest when empty to conserve space. Strong, high-density, industrial-grade polymers will not rust, corrode or bend out of shape, even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty construction provides a longer service life resulting in lower replacement costs than alternative products. Nest and Stack Totes stack when full, and nest when empty. Keep contents clean and secure with lids for reusable Nest and Stack Totes. Lids include security tie holes and are available in several colors. Perfect for closed-loop distribution!