Grey, 24" x 16" x 4", Vented Bi-Colour Stack and Nest Container, AC11020

Min order: 1000


The Ak-West Inc. SN2416 and AC11020 series nest and stack tote is the ideal solution for storage, distribution, and for shipping. Manufactured of strong, industrial grade polymers, it will not rust, corrode, splinter, or bend out of shape. The SN2416 tote will stack without a lid and will nest when empty by rotating it 180 degrees. Available in 8", 12" and 16" high, all with the same footprint allows for each container to inter work with each other. Available in solid, or ventilated versions. Manufactured of FDA approved materials, this container is safe to use in food environments. Can be used as a harvesting container, or a pre-wash wash kit by using a solid and ventilated container together. Extremely durable for a wide range of applications. Features and Benefits: - Ideal for shipping, distribution and for storage. - Stack without lids for convenient storage and shipping and nest when empty. - Manufactured from FDA-approved materials. - Strong, industrial-grade polymer will not rust, corrode, or splinter. - Long service life resulting in lower replacement costs. - Bicolor for easy - Stack nest handling - Up to 74 % nesting - maximum space saving for long distance shipping