48 x 40, 4-Ways, 6 Runner, Open Deck, Static Cap. 8800lbs, Dynamic Cap. 4400lbs, Racking Cap. 2200lbs - Virgin Material

Min order: 1


Plastic rackable pallets allow for optimized storage and warehousing without losing available floor space, as bottom runners allow for pallets to sit safely on top of a rack. Rackable pallets feature corrosion protected reinforcement profiles, to support large load capacities in high rack. Anti-slip strips on rackable pallet top deck improve cargo safety and transport security. Rackable plastic pallets are ideally used for pharmaceutical applications, food processing, automotive operations, manufacturing, distribution centers and more. Universal multi-trip plastic pallet for loads up to 2800 lbs (1300 kg) in the high rack! The ECO US5 has been engineered as a real all-rounder that offers high performance. It is universally applicable in closed circuits, production plants and goods distribution. The high impact strength of this plastic pallet significantly reduces the risk of damage with such improper handling, and thus extends the service life. The pallet can be equipped with additional metal re-inforcements. This makes the pallet highly durable and perfectly suited for high racks. With a net weight starting at only 31 lbs (14 kg), the Eco US5 takes dynamic loads of up to 5600 lbs (2500 kg) and racking loads of up to 2800 lbs (1250 kg).

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ECO US5 Series Specifications