48 x 40, 4-Way, 9 Feet, Open Deck, Static Cap. 8800lbs, Dynamic Cap. 3100lbs, Racking Cap. -lbs

Min order: 1378


Nestable plastic pallets are ideal for material handling operations in warehouses, distribution centers, or closed loop supply chains. Dimensional consistency makes plastic pallets compatible with high speed automation systems. When empty, plastic pallets nest atop one another for cost-effective return freight and storage space use. Conical feet allow for secure nesting ratios of up to 4:1. Nestable plastic pallets do not rot, splinter, or grow mildew - allowing for extended service life and minimal maintenance requirements. 48" x 40" nestable plastic pallet for medium loads. The CPP330 Series Pallet is the universal 48" x 40" inch pallet. Suitable for medium loads, it offers a choice between a nestable version and three different runner versions (3, 5 and 6 runners). The nestable version saves floor space and transport costs when pallets are empty. The runner versions enable a smooth run on roller or chain conveyor and with 6 runners this pallet provides excellent stability for block stacking.

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CPP330 Series Specifications